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Resisting War: Dahr Jamail in Hartford

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Top: at U.S. Capitol, April 23, 1971
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New World Notes News
Volume 2, Number 44 -- November 4, 2009

This week in New World Notes, radio program #87, Tuesday, November 4:

Consumer Media Truth Commission
A l e r t !

Be Advised . . .
That the current installment of the radio series New World Notes--which installment formerly bore the title: "Resisting War: Dahr Jamail in Hartford" (hereinafter designated as "said crummy program")--has been renamed by order of the Consumer Media Truth Commission (hereinafter: the Commission) as:

"Mr. (or Ms) Kenneth Dowst Gassing On about the Supposed Good Old Days of

  • Appearing in Public with Unshorn Underarms and without Brassieres (both Genders)
  • Characterizing the Commission of Unapproved Activities of a Sexual or Pharmacological Nature (with or without inhaling) as "Striking Blows Against the Empire"
  • Unlawfully Burning Selective Service System Registration Cards
  • Committing Unapproved Acts of a Sexual, Pharmacological, First-Amendment, or Scholarly Nature
  • Failing to Support Economically America’s Barbers, Haberdashers, Pearl-Accessories Industry, Trouser Manufactures (other than Levi-Strauss and Wrangler), and Villager Clothing Retailers
  • Aiding and Abetting our (formerly, . . for the most part . . .) Brave and Patriotic Soldiers, Sailors, and Airpersons in Vietnam in their Commission of Insubordination, Sedition, Mutiny, Sabotage, Dereliction of Duty, A.’ing-themselves-W.O.L., Desertion, Displaying Disrespect to Officers, Failing to Kill Gooks When Lawfully Ordered, Marching in So-called "Peace Demonstrations,” Littering U.S. Government Property with Discarded Combat Medals, Testifying about U.S. Atrocities, Defecting to Canada and/or Sweden, Chanting ‘Hey! Hey! LBJ! How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’ and Other Offenses."

The reason for this change-of-installment-title is:

Only nine (9) minutes of said crummy program reproduce Mr. (or Ms) Dahr Jamail’s inappropriate, unPatriotic speech in Hartford, Connecticut, of September 20, inst. -- the remainder of said crummy program being devoted to the aforementioned unPatriotic if false memories of Mr. (or Ms) Dowst, plus an overly-long if equally unPatriotic prerecorded song by one Mr. (or Ms) Jefferson Airplane and some cacophonous glam-rock "music" from, presumably, the mid-1980s.

This notice must be prominently displayed near every radio receiver capable of receiving broadcast-band FM transmissions and in the possession of a recipient of the "New World News" newsletter, except in the case of remote-control garage-door-opening appliances, in which case this notice may be affixed to a windshield, directly in front of the steering wheel, or other steering mechanism, of a motor vehicle containing an FCC-certified transmitting device designed for remote activation of said door-opening appliance, provided that both the appliance and the remote operating device are properly installed and functional.

CC.: --

Top: Dahr Jamail in Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT, 9-20-09
Middle, Bottom: Washington, D.C., 9-17-07

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Top: Location & date unknown. Bottom: San Francisco, 1-27-2007.

Note: The radio program features my edited, condensed, 9-minute version of Dahr Jamail's Hartford speech of September 20, 2009. The complete, unedited, 16.5-minute speech (+ introduction) is available here.

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