Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Capitalism, Democracy, and Environmental Catastrophe

New World Notes #530, 28:22 (May 1)
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Bertrand Russell keeping an eye on Noam Chomsky

Invited to speak on "the future of capitalism," Noam Chomky first shows that the actual US economic system is very far from real "capitalism." It is essentially socialism-for-corporations. And the political system actually in place is far from "democracy."

To Chomsky, the future of the actual system--and of the planet--seem grim. For the sake of short-term profit, our business and political leaders are working hard to bring about environmental catastrophe as rapidly as possible.

A powerful, moving speech, with Chomsky's typical clarity, mastery of fact, and deadpan ironic wit.

Chuck U. Rosina recorded this speech in Boston on February 25, 2013. Many thanks.

Previously broadcast. Files downloaded from the lins, above, are identified as NWN #263.

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