Saturday, June 17, 2017

Russia, China, and the Crisis of the US Ruling Class

Part 1: New World Notes #484, 28:43 (June 13)
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Part 2: New World Notes #485, 29:22 (June 20)
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In a recent talk in Hartford, Glen Ford insightfully dissects US geostrategic policy. He explains how the current anti-Russia hysteria--and, more importantly, the US's disastrous and failing military interventions in the Middle East--are part of a larger effort to contain China. The US ruling class's "crisis" is genuine: the increasing threat that China poses to the US rulers' global hegemony.

To control China, the world's current rulers have to control the oil of the Middle East. But after the Iraq debacle, they lack the public support they would need to commit tens of thousands of American soldiers. So they hire local armies of radical Islamic jihadists as mercenaries. These desperate alliances cannot be publicly acknowledged. So the ruling class works hard to distract the US public.

Glen Ford (2013). Photo by Kenneth Dowst*

Ford spoke at the University of Hartford on May 15, 2017. David Schonfeld recorded the talk live and provided New World Notes with a copy. Many thanks.

* Photo: Creative Commons license granted (BY-NC).

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