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Corporations vs. Schoolchildren

New World Notes News
Vol. 4, No. 21 -- May 21, 2011

This week in New World Notes, radio program #168, May 24, 2011

Corporations vs. Schoolchildren

In brief

The intensifying attack on public schools has 2 prongs. One is the campaign to turn the schools over to for-profit corporations. Glen Ford and Mumia Abu-Jamal analyze the scam brilliantly.

The second prong is consumer advertising and marketing to a captive audience of students within the schools. Many schools are so under-funded that they feel they have to let the marketers in. This segment rebroadcasts portions of a nice Canadian documentary, Corporations in the Classroom.

Below: Glen Ford

Notes, credits, & links

Thanks to Robin Upton, of, for turning up Corporations in the Classroom.

More from Glen Ford here: . More from Mumia here: .
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