Friday, February 5, 2021

Where Does The Left Go After Trump?

Part 1: New World Notes #675, 28:05 (February 9)
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Part 2: New World Notes #676, 28:42 February 16)
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Noam Chomsky's new look

In a new interview, the eminent Progressive scholar and activist Noam Chomsky explores current political and economic conditions. And he explores what the American people should do next--with Trump out and Biden in--to begin restoring democracy and improving the lot of "the 99%."

Here Chomsky blends an encyclopedic knowledge of politics and economics, . . . an inclination to take "the long view" of current affairs, . . . and a surprisingly optimistic view of the future.

Part 2 ends with a memorial to labor activist / singer / songwriter Anne Feeney, who died February 3. We play her song from the early 1990s, "War on the Workers." The song nicely anticipates and complements the main points Chomsky makes in Part 2.
Chomsky spoke on January 12, 2021, I have edited the talk for radio. The unedited presentation, a remote interview, is available on the Jacobin channel on YouTube.

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