Monday, January 27, 2014

Censored Stories 2014

New World Notes #308, 28:15 (January 28):

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Got oil?  US railroads spilled more oil in 2013--1.15 million gallons--than in the previous four decades combined.

In brief

A look at recent sins of omission and sins of commission of the mainstream news media

For omission, we look at some of the stories in the latest report by Project Censored.  For commission, we explore the rash of recent news stories warning of shortages of particular branded products--Butterball turkeys, Sriracha sauce, and now Velveeta! 

Plus a clip from Project Censored's movie, a news story in song by David Rovics, and an update on the great toilet paper shortage of 1973.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What If You Knew

Part 1: New World Notes #306, 28:52 (January 14):

Part 2: New World Notes #307, 28:42 (January 21):

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In brief 

Virtual Renderings' new audio collage on our environmental crisis, especially global climate change. Features many perspectives and a wide range of voices going back as far as 1958 ... and some relevant music . . . and a little post-apocalyptic science fiction.  I've chopped the piece into two parts.  Introductions and a few inserted notes by K.D.

I've condensed the 55-minute collage slightly to fit our radio timeslots.  The complete 55-minute version (50 MB MP3) may be downloaded  here.  (Right-click then Save. . . .  The download may be slow.)  A smaller, low-bandwidth file (13 MB) also is available.  A large archive of Virtual Renderings' audio collages is available for free listening or download.

The title song is (IMHO) one of David Rovics' best. It's played in its entirety near the end of Part 2.