Monday, March 17, 2014

The Top Ten

New World Notes #315, 29:12 (March 18)

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Top-10 Quote-of-the-decade #5, by
master military strategist G.W. Bush

Social satire, often comic. Let the corporate media fret about the Top 10 fashion blunders, TV bloopers, waist-trimming foods, tennis players, and the like. We'll  read or play recordings of more oddball Top-10 lists:

(a) Quotations, 2000-2009; (b) Reasons to visit New Zealand; (c) High-level political sex scandals (Bill & Monica didn't even make the list!); and--this ya gotta hear--(4) Military combat rifles.

I add a few footnotes but--honest!--I didn't make ANY of this stuff up.

This program is a replay of NWN #101 (Feb. 2010).

Special live show on WWUH only:

It's the station's semi-annual Pledge Marathon time.  New World Notes's hour-long live broadcast (Tuesday, March 18, noon to 1 PM Eastern time) will include The Top Ten and more.  Call between noon and 1 to make a pledge, and I'll thank you on-air (unless you prefer otherwise).  To make a pledge, call 1-800-444-9984.  You can also pledge online:  Many thanks!

Top-10 Political Sex Scandal #6: James Buchanan (President 1857-1861). His lover, William Rufus King, was known to his critics as "Miss Nancy."  Alas, King died before he could become First Lady.  At the time of his death, in 1853, King was Vice President

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