Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Hidden Life of Garbage

New World Notes #401, 27:28 (November 10)
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Refilled glass soda-pop bottles (1949). Was this a bad idea?

We present Heather Rogers' 18-minute video documentary from 2005, Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage plus introduction and other commentary by me.

It's about the growing mountains of waste generated by a consumer economy based on disposable products. It's about the inability of recycling programs to actually recycle most of the stuff they receive. It's about the massive "Keep America Beautiful" anti-littering campaign--an industry ploy designed to head off anti-disposables legislation.

We end with a couple minutes on plastic waste from Annie Leonard's The Story of Bottled Water.

"Gone Tomorrow" was adapted to radio by Robin Upton, of Unwelcome Guests.

Discarded water bottles at a landfill

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