Monday, August 26, 2019

Gore Vidal on the U.S. Garrison State

New World Notes #599, 28:49 (August 27)
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Gore Vidal

Progressive historian, essayist, and novelist Gore Vidal is in fine form as--with much wit--he explains what's wrong with the United States.

Spoiler Alert: The answer is, two fake political parties with essentially the same program; perpetual war that benefits only the military-industrial-political complex; the ruinous costs to the citizens of perpetual war; and rule by the financial elite.

Sounds like he's got us pegged pretty well ... but he was speaking in 1982. Some things never change.

Vidal spoke to the Golden Gate Business Association, in San Francisco, on January 28, 1982. The audio recording (which I have condensed) was provided by The Gay Life radio program on station KFAN, San Francisco. Thanks to all.

This is the first broadcast of this speech on
New World Notes. The episode title is mine, not Vidal's.

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