Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dahr Jamail on the Climate Crisis

Part 1: New World Notes #601, 28:16 (September 10)
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Part 2: New World Notes #602, 27:43 (September 17)
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For several years, independent journalist Dahr Jamail--who won awards for his coverage of the Iraq War and occupation--has been investigating the global climate crisis.

His conclusions are based on both his personal observations around the world and also extensive interviews--with top scientists and with ordinary people already suffering from the effects of climate change. His new book is titled, The End of Ice.

In April, Jamail gave a wide-ranging talk on his findings. Among his conclusions: (1)The climate situation is even worse than you think. (2) In responding to it, we desperately need to reject the European/imperialist mindset and partake of much of the wisdom of indigenous peoples.

Introductions by KD.

In Part One, Jamail connects his attraction to Alaska's Denali (f.k.a. Mount McKinley), U.S. war crimes in Iraq, statistics on global warming, and an account of his visit to the dying Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

In Part 2, Jamail summarizes the frightening statistics and more-frightening prognosis for life on earth. He then explains how listening to the wisdom of indigenous peoples can--and should--shape our responses to the crisis. Plus a song by David Rovics.

Jamail spoke in Syracuse, NY, on April 11, 2019. Our audio is taken from a live recording by Wilton Vought, producer of the series
Essential Dissent (available on iTunes, YouTube,, and elsewhere). Many thanks to Wilton for his good work.

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