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Food (2): The Big Boys Muscle In

New World Notes News
Vol. 3, No. 37 -- September 11, 2010

This week in New World Notes, radio program #132, September 14 & 18:

Food (2):
The Big Boys Muscle In

In brief

Wall Street titans shaped global agriculture to their own liking and have been making a killing on it--too often literally. In an interview, historian William Engdahl explains how (and why) the Rockefeller brothers created today's centralized, vertically integrated, petroleum-intensive, corporate-controlled global agribusiness. He also discusses why the Rockefeller empire is pushing so hard for genetically-modified foods. No, "to better feed the world's hungry" is not the answer to either "why" question.

Global grain prices went through the roof in 2008--greatly increasing hunger and triggering riots worldwide. Alan Maass (read aloud) shows that this price spike was an artificial bubble inflated mostly by Goldman Sachs--just like the recent high-tech and housing bubbles. Mumia Abu-Jamal, recorded in April 2008, astutely analyzes the then-ongoing price surge.

2008 saw "food riots" in the Philippines (top); Port-au-Prince,
(bottom); and many other places, worldwide.
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This week's music: Monty Python, "Money."

I've condensed both the Maass and the Engdahl pieces for radio. Maass's complete article, "Banking on Hunger," is here. Thanks to Susan Rosenthal for sending it to me.

The Engdahl interview is by Ken MacDermotRoe, from his radio show, History Counts. The uncut installment is here.

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Top: The Rockefeller Brothers in 1960. Standing: David. Seated, l to r:
Laurance, Winthrop, John D. 3rd, Nelson.

Bottom: Goldman Sachs CEO & Chairman Lloyd Blankfein

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