Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Chris Hedges Ad Lib

New World Notes #539, 28:47 (July 3)
Broadcast quality MP3 (40 MB)
Decent quality MP3 (13 MB)

Unscripted, incisive discussion of a range of issues by the celebrated Progressive journalist, essayist, and activist, Chris Hedges.

Topics include the corruption of the judiciary ... the mass media as the propaganda organ of the Corporate State ... how the Democratic Party has betrayed its constituents ... the false promises of Barack Obama ... the growing public opposition to Israel's Palestine policies ... and (relatedly) the increasing attacks on free speech.

Taken from a question-and-answer session following Hedges' lecture, "The Algebra of Revolution" (Seattle, April 2016). The (edited) lecture was broadcast by New World Notes, installments 442 and 443 (August 2016). Thanks to Pirate TV Seattle for the original video recording. I have condensed and edited the audio.

"Chris Hedges Ad Lib" was previously broadcast, as NWN #448, in October 2016. Files downloaded from the links, above, are identified as #448.

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