Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Pandemic Journal 3: Another Toilet Paper Shortage

New World Notes #666, 28:10 (December 8)
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Wry reflections by KD on American toilet-paper shortages current and past--including the original one of 1973. Plus capitalism's high-dollar solution to the current one: give bidets as Christmas presents to everyone on your list. Yes, they actually said this. And David Rovics' $1.98 alternative.

Plus a short, unusually upbeat talk by Chris Hedges and--to celebrate installment #666--a few words on the number of the beast.

"Automate your lifestyle" ?? Capitalism saves the day with a high-priced alternative to toilet paper. Don't forget to add the cost of that new electrical outlet behind your $5000 toilet-bidet combination.

Working-class alternative.

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