Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Plundering the Workers for Fun and Profit

New World Notes #562, 28:19 (December 11)
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Richard Wolff (2016)

With typical verve and wit, economist Richard Wolff shows how and why the corporate elite made themselves even richer and more powerful by plundering the American working class--and misleading them about what was happening to them. He also shows why the scam cannot go on much longer.

An especially interesting theme runs theough the talk: The very people who falsely claim to champion "family values" are the ones who themselves destroyed the traditional family--in order to preserve corporate profits.

With a brief introduction by KD.

Wolff spoke at the 2018 Left Forum in New York. This installment's title is my own. Wolff audio courtesy of unwelcomeguests.net.

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