Monday, July 21, 2014

Morris Berman Returns

New World Notes #333, 28:50 (July 22, 2014)

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Morris Berman

Back from Seattle, KD reflects briefly on urban vitality, urban decline, and the dubious future of the whole political-economic System as we know it. Then, in a brilliant informal talk (a Q&A session), cultural historian Morris Berman discusses these issues and more--including digital technology, today's youth, and the failures of the "mainstream" media.

In November 2013, we broadcast a lecture by Berman that preceded this Q&A (NWN #297, "The Hollow Men"). But Berman's remarks today--lightly edited by KD--stand nicely on their own.  Thanks to Robin Upton, producer of Unwelcome Guests, for the audio.

Thought experiment: Which would you choose: legal marijuana or good weatherBoth arrived in Seattle at the same time, in the first half of July, 2014.  During my visit, I didn't hear anybody say anything at all about pot, but everyone was marvelling at five consecutive days without rain!  To a New Englander, the Pacific Northwest takes a little getting used to. . . .

More Berman:  Want to hear more of Morris Berman?  Here are two past installments featuring him.  Right-click to download:
  • NWN #297, The Hollow Men (November 2013)
  • NWN #200, Morris Berman (January 2012)
Pioneer Square neighborhood, Seattle, July 2014. 
(Note actual sunshine.)
  Photo by Kenneth Dowst.
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