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Varieties of Sexual Experience

New World Notes News
Vol. 3, No. 1 -- January 1, 2010

Screen capture from Perversion for Profit (1964). Links in text, below.

This Week in New World Notes, radio program #96, Jan. 5:

Varieties of Sexual Experience,

Goldberg's Other Variations

Workers' summary

This year's Annual Sex Show--okay, we skipped 2009--takes a lighthearted look at variations from the tried and true. Comedian Jimmy Tingle explains gays & homophobia. A 1964 documentary from the Citizens for Decent Literature--Perversion for Profit--exposes (so to speak) the Communist-inspired flood of filth peddled to our precious children from every newsstand in America. Speaking of children, social satirist Paul Krassner discusses how to respond when your 16-year-old daughter tells you that she's bid adieu to virginity. And Leonard Cohen again confuses an unfaithful girlfriend with the Collapse of Western Civilization.

Top: Charles Keating, anti-smut crusader and convicted swindler
(source: Thomas Ives/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images).
Bottom: Boston landmark Jimmy Tingle

This week's songs

  • Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows
  • Robert Preston & chorus, from Ya Got Trouble

On Charles Keating and his Citizens for Decent Literature:

From Danny Gallagher, The Top 10 People Who Almost Destroyed Fun

  • The former face of the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal didn't spend his entire life trying to take the life savings of every man who walked into the scope of his view. He also spent part of it trying to take their pornography from them. The Cincinnati attorney formed the Citizens for Decent Literature in the late 1950s, an organization that used any legal recourse necessary to outlaw pornography in all of its forms. He even produced his own film, Perversion for Profit, that became a huge bestseller among disappointed men in trench coats.
    He not only failed to outlaw porno, but ended up in jail on charges of wire and bankruptcy fraud, where the term "Perversion for Profit" has more to do with earning cigarettes.

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Paul Krassner commissioned celebrated Mad Magazine cartoonist Wallace Wood to draw the most famous naughty cartoon of the 1960s, Disneyland Memorial Orgy. Krassner published the black-and-white drawing as the centerfold in his magazine, The Realist, in 1967. Portions of the drawing, which was subsequently colored, appear on the book cover shown, below. You'll find the complete colored version at the top of Krassner's Web page:

Download or listen online to NWN's previous Annual Sex Show (April 2008).

The show's words by Krassner are read from an interview published in CounterPunch, "Sex and Violins":

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