Friday, June 8, 2018

Jean Shepherd: Elephant Feet

New World Notes #536, 28:49 (June 12)
Broadcast quality MP3 (33 MB)
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All new episode!--most of which is 56 years old. The third in our series of classic monologues by the great radio humorist / satirist / storyteller Jean Shepherd.

Shepherd pokes fun at American life--including our crazy junk, our unrealistic "realistic" TV shows; our love of doing things just to see if they can be done; the rationalizations we concoct to justify space flights and war; and our favorite rhetorical question, "Who's covering up?"

Condensed by--and with a brief introduction by--KD.

Shepherd's monologue was originally broadcast on September 19, 1962, on station WOR AM-FM, New York. Thanks to for the original 45-minute recording.

Note: The first installment of our Jean Shepherd series was "Radio Great Jean Shepherd"--rebroadcast last week. Scroll down to find the page.

The second installment was
"Jean Shepherd vs. 'Creeping Meatballism.'"

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