Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dahr Jamail 3

New World Notes #606, 28:25 (October 15)
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Dahn Jamail (in Iraq, early 2000s)

Journalist Dahr Jamail returns to discusses more aspects of the climate crisis--and how individuals can respond to it. He speaks of melting glaciers, methane feedback loops, geoengineering, industrial capitalism, and indigenous vs. capitalist-consumer approaches to the world.

We have much to learn from indigenous peoples, Jamail stresses--and we had better learn it fast.

Dahr Jamail's new book is The End of Ice (2019).

This is the Q&A session following Jamail's April 11 talk in Syracuse, edited by KD. The original live recording was by Wilton Vought, producer of the series Essential Dissent (available on iTunes, YouTube,, and elsewhere). Many thanks.

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