Saturday, August 6, 2016

GMOs Are Bad. The System Is Worse.

New World Notes #440, 29:20 (August 9)
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Mickey Z.

Writer and activist Mickey Z. concisely explains everything that's wrong and bad about genetically modified crops (GMOs), particularly Monsanto's GMOs. He shows what's wrong economically, environmentally, nutritionally, politically, you name it.

But GMOs are a part of a larger evil--monopolistic corporate agribusiness. And that is a part of an even larger evil: "the whole System." 

But people have power to bring about change, and Mickey Z offers some suggestions and examples.

With an introduction by K.D.

Mickey Z (Mike Zezima) spoke in New Yok City on May 25, 2013.  From a video by Wilton Vought, available at  Edited by KD. Many thanks to Wilton.

This program was previously broadcast, as NWN #317, in April 2014. MP3s downloaded from the links, above, are labelled with the older program number.

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