Sunday, November 11, 2018

Chris Hedges: Stop Fascism

Part 1: New World Notes #558, 27:44 (November 13)
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Part 2: New World Notes #559, 28:58 (November 20)
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A fine and fiery speech by journalist/activist Chris Hedges. He vividly tells the story of the "slow-motion coup" that replaced American democracy with oligarchy and the Corporate State.

Part 1 explains the takeover. Part 2 continues the story and then shows how--in the recent past--nonviolent popular resistance has overthrown oligarchies and established democracy.

Hedges spoke at an event titled Stop Fascism in the U.S., in Portland, Oregon, May 26, 2017. The event was sponsored by KBOO Community Radio. His speech was adapted to radio by Robin Upton and broadcast in installment #749 of Unwelcome Guests. Videos of the talk are available on YouTube. Thanks also to David Schonfeld, of WWUH-FM in Connecticut,  for his suggestions and advice.

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