Monday, August 21, 2017

Escaping the Matrix

Part 1: New World Notes #494, 29:10 (August 22)
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Part 2: New World Notes #495, 29:03 (August 29)
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Dialogue from the film. (Click to enlarge.)

First some brief personal reflections by KD and a bit of music. Then a reading (by Lyn Gerry) of the first half of Richard K. Moore's classic essay, "Escaping the Matrix."

Moore's essay, published in 2000, is a fine discussion of the gap between the Establishment's official propaganda and the real truth about how The System actually works. It's also a concise history of the changing interplay among the forces of imperialism, capitalism, economic policy, and the state.

Lyn Gerry's reding is from installment #87 of her Unwelcome Guests radio program (January 11, 2002). Thanks to Lyn, her successor Robin Upton, and the Unwelcome Guests Collective.

I snipped the song, "The Design of the Galaxy" (in Part 1), from one installment or another of Radio Ecoshock, several years back. "Thanks and a tip o' the hat" to producer Alex Smith.



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