Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Surveillance Capitalism

New World Notes #581, 28:15 (May 14)
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Shoshana Zuboff--with Ralph Nader--discusses how Americans have lost their privacy, their freedom, and their personal autonomy. Digital technology is the means of these losses. But the real cause of the problem is "surveillance capitalism," which has taken control of our digital technology.

And now it's not just social-media companies. For instance, Ford Motor Company has decided to have its automobiles record, analyze, and deliver for sale information on (literally) your every move.

Introduction by KD.

Zuboff's and Nader's words are excerpted from a long conversation broadcast as installment 255 of The Ralph Nader Radio Hour (January 26, 2019). Many thanks to all concerned.

Shoshana Zuboff is professor emerita at Harvard Business School. Her latest book is
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (Hachette, 2019). 

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