Saturday, November 15, 2014

Potpourri 3

New World Notes #350, 28:10 (November 28)
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ZDoggMD (left)

A fragrant blend (or should that be flagrant?) of different themes and topics. We examine . . .
  • The ebola hysteria in the US--with a funny song parody by ZDoggMD and a newspaper story of school administrators in Milford, Connecticut, having an ebola panic  (A student had come within 1,000 miles of Liberia.)
  • Comedian Bill Hicks--with 2 routines we didn't have time for in our Hicks show in April (NWN #318). Plus KD compares the art and the careers of Hicks and George Carlin.
  • How high tech promotes high alienation--with a neat rap/poem by Marshall Soulful Jones.
Plus miscellaneous commentary by KD.

Bill Hicks

A-Infos Radio Project

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