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For-Profit Medicine

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New World Notes News
Vol. 5, No. 10 -- March 10, 2012

This week in New World Notes, radio program #210, March 13, 2012

For-Profit Medicine

Connecticut's new execution apparatus? Close, but no cigar. It's a CT scanner. The CT-scanning business is booming ... and, it turns out, a major cause of breast cancer.

In brief

This week, a brief first look at a very large subject: corporate-controlled, for-profit medicine.

We feature 2 interesting articles. One examines the booming business of diagnostic CT scans. Problem is, researchers have found that the biggest identifiable cause of breast cancer is ... CT scans.

The other article exposes the Susan G. Komen organization as a right-wing tool of Big Pharma. It's an outfit that has no interest in preventing breast cancer, and it turns a blind eye to the ways its corporate backers are causing breast cancer.

Plus remarks by Ralph Nader, Dr. Susan Rosenthal, and me.

While Connecticut's industries and businesses continue declining, downsizing, laying-off workers, and closing, one business is growing and getting richer: for-profit medicine. Here's the "topping off" ceremony for new medical offices outside Hartford.

Notes, credits, & links

I condensed and edited both articles for radio broadcast. The original texts are here:

and here: . Thanks to the authors and CounterPunch.

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Above: Nancy G. Brinker: entrepreneuse, major GOP fundraiser, founder & head of the Susan G. Komen organization--and agent of Big Pharma? Detecting and treating cancer means money for her corporate sponsors. Preventing cancer does not.
Below: Answer: channel new customers to corporate sponsors such as General Electric and AstraZeneca.

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Jennifer said...

What exactly does Komen do? about the $16 million our affiliate has put into the local community for breast cancer screenings, treatment support and education? How about the $7 million our affiliate has invested in research? Not to mention the hundreds of talks we give each year educating the community. And we're one of 118 affiliates. What do we do?--a whole heck of A LOT. Trust me, it's more than pink. As a liberal democrat it offends me when people jump to conclusion and don't do their homework.