Monday, February 27, 2017

Helen Caldicott on the Three Global Crises

New World Notes #469, 28:39 (February 28)
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Famed antinuke crusader Helen Caldicott, MD, displays her signature combination of wit, compassion, passion, and technical expertise. She spoke in Houston on November 12, 2010.

Caldicott discusses, in turn, what she sees as the three greatest threats to life on earth--global warming, nuclear war, and nuclear power--and urges the audience to take concrete actions against each. She even suggests a few specific actions.

With preface by K.D. & a song (from 1965) by Tom Lehrer.

The talk was recorded by Wally James. It was previously broadcast by Scooter, on "The innerSide" on KPFT-FM, Houston. Thanks to both.

Previously broadcast, as NWN #149, in January 2011. MP3 audio files downloaded from the links, above, are identified as NWN #149.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Peasant of the Dawn

New World Notes #468, 28:58 (February 21)
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Nice audio collage by Virtual Renderings (a.k.a. Chazk), introduced & slightly condensed by me. It's a meditation on class warfare, the ruling elite's dislike of democracy, American exceptionalism, economic inequality, mind control, and the prescience of George Orwell.

Voices heard belong to Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, historian Morris Berman, and Ken Nordine (himself a master of audio collage), among others. Includes dramatic readings from Orwell's 1984 & some good music.

At last count, 111 audio collages by Virtual Renderings can be downloaded without charge from For a listing, click on the link at the top of the gray sidebar, to the right (under "Worth a Look").

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Diamond Cartel

New World Notes #467, 28:45 (February 14)
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Advertisement from the Belgian couture house Natan

An ironic salute to Valentine's Day features an expose' of the worldwide diamond cartel (a.k.a. DeBeers). And how a U.S. advertising agency--hired by the cartel to increase sales--invented and marketed the "tradition" of the diamond engagement ring.

Lyn Gerry, of Unwelcome Guests, reads from Edward Jay Epstein's article, "Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?" in Atlantic Magazine, February 1982.

Plus a few ironic and/or kinky love songs by Tom Lehrer and The Kinks.

Originally broadcast, as NWN #51, in February 2009.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chris Hedges - Bernie Sanders

New World Notes #466, 28:44 (February 7)
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In a fiery post-Inauguration speech, Chris Hedges calls for resistance--not just to Trump but to the whole corrupt and oppressive system. Then KD reads a similar though milder short essay by Bernie Sanders. In-between: an appropriate song by Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman

Thanks to Wilton Vought (, who recorded Hedges in Washington, D.C., on January 21, 2017. Sanders' op-ed essay (which I have slightly condensed) was published in newspapers in late June 2016. Thanks too to Chazk/Virtual Renderings for Miller & Boverman's "Song for the Unnamed Capitalist."

Fat-Free Snake Oil

New World Notes #465, 27:26 (January 31)
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Two critical views of the American economic system--one trivial, one profound. First, product marketing run amok. KD discusses the 40 different varieties of Colgate toothpaste at the supermarket And he explains why spray cooking oil--which is 99% fat--is sold as "fat-free spray oil."

Then Noam Chomsky discusses Big Business's expensive campaign to accelerate climate change regardless of its threat to all life on the planet. This recent talk is titled, "Wrecking Nature for Short-Term Profit."

Of particular interest: Chomsky explains that the Magna Carta had two sections. The section establishing political liberties (the Charter of Liberties--the part we've heard about) has been largely scrapped by the Bush II and Obama administrations. The section establishing the people's rights to the natural resources they needed to live (the Charter of Forests) was scrapped a few centuries back, in the early days of capitalism.

This installment was previously broadcast, as NWN #275, in June 2013. Note: MP3 audio files downloaded from the links, above, are identified as NWN #275.

Nader: The Government's Crimes Against the Constitution

New World Notes #464, 28:40 (January 24)
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In this hard-hitting talk at Harvard Law School, Ralph Nader indicts both Barack Obama and G.W. Bush for their (clearly impeachable) crimes against the U.S. Constitution and against the people of the United States. And he denounces the needless suffering and deaths caused by government policies that place corporate profits over the welfare of the citizens. On a positive note, Nader urges law students to be "first responders" in defense of our liberties. Includes selected Q&A.

From Harvard Law School's official video of Nader's talk, February 8, 2012. Gently edited for radio by K.D.  Previously broadcast, as NWN #209, in March 2012.