Tuesday, July 31, 2018


New World Notes #543, 27:51 (July 31)
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Jacquard loom

The Luddites were skilled workers in England (1811-1817)--weavers and other textile workers. They destroyed the new, automated factory machinery that threatened their lives.

KD discusses the Luddites' true history ,,, the pros and cons of their rebellion ... and the problems caused by globalized capitalism. He explores whether Luddism makes any sense in today's world ... and the possibility of nonviolent "soft-core" Luddism in our personal lives.

Included: a song by David Rovics and a clip from the documentary film Human Resources.

David Noble's documentary film Human Reseources is available, without charge, on the World Wide Web. See the site of its publisher (www.metanoia-films.org) or YouTube. David Rovics' "Everything Can Change" is from his album, If I Had a Hammer.

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