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The End of 'Mutual Corruption'

New World Notes News
Volume 1, Number 18, Part 2 -- November 11, 2008

This week in New World Notes:

# 38 -- Part The Last of Mutual Corruption: Business, Media, and Politics; . . . or: Roll Over, George Orwell, and Give Tim Russert the News. My heart always had a soft spot for tough-guy prosecutor and writer Vincent Bugliosi. In this final installment, his voice is added to those of Usual Suspects Mark Crispin Miller, Charles Lewis, and Bernie Sanders. I think I heard Greg Palast in there as well.

Yes, more women's voices would have done the documentary no harm, and I suspect a phone call or two--to FAIR, for instance--would have turned up several good ones before you could say, You Betcha!

But Bugliosi is a fine addition. Unlike most Americans and (coincidence?) unlike the corporate-controlled media, he retains the ability to become outraged at the outrageous.

Such as the coup d'etat of November 2000 engineered by 5 conspirators who--when they weren't busy trashing the Constitution--had spent their spare time masquerading as justices of the Supreme Court. A sleeper cell! Who knew?!

All that talk about Islamofascism was just to throw us off track! It's not the Moslems that hate our freedom. It's the Episcopalians!

Needless to say, the corporate-controlled media aided the coup and took charge of the coverup. And took charge of the coverup of the recount. I know, I know. You're about to expostulate, "What recount?!" and then call the Connecticut State Home for the Bewildered to inquire if any radio producers have wandered off the grounds recently.

Before they take me away, let me acknowledge that the ladies and gentlemen perpetrating the coverup are either evil vipers in human form (Ruger Ailes, Murdoch) or else prostitute stooges who would gladly trade their shrunken little souls for an invitation to the next Prayer Breakfast hosted by Condi and Dick (Ann Coulter, Tim Russert and ilk, and whoever is Managing Editor of the New York Times this year).

Moral failings aside, these walking flowers of evil are very talented professionals who do what they do extremely well and who earn a good deal of their obscenely inflated compensation packages. If you've never heard of a Florida recount, why question my sanity?

Vipers and prostitute stooges alike appreciate an occasional sincere note of praise from someone who understands the artistry involved. Send a little billet-doux to Roger or to Tim. Since nobody is sure which circle Tim is currently visiting, just direct your note to the Admissions Office. They'll have Cerebrus deliver it to the appropriate brimstone pit. Everyone will feel better--even you--and Cerebrus will get some exercise.

Tom Lehrer, 1959. Hit song:
"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" (1959)

And yes, I did swipe the asylum's name from Tom Lehrer. If you want to sue on Tom's behalf, have your lawyers contact my lawyers. Gambino, Gambino, Bonnano, Trafficante, and Kissinger, LLP--General Delivery, Queens, New York.

At this point--if we were Monty Python's Flying Circus--the camera would cut to the Major, riding crop in hand, who would order, "CUT! . . . Look, this started out as a relatively nice little newsletter, but now it's gotten rather SILLY!"

So I'll end with an odd-sounding phrase--President Gore--and with the suggestion that if we lived in a democracy . . . or even in a representative democracy with an Electoral College--the phrase would sound considerably less odd.

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Nice quote from this installment:

"If they would do this. . . . If they would stoop this low, to steal our White House, what else would they do? What else are they capable of? . . . What else are they capable of? I want to know!" --V. Bugliosi

Coming up November 18 & 21:

We commemorate the 45th anniversary of the murder of the only U.S. President ever to declare complete worldwide disarmament a national goal . . . to describe that goal as both attainable and in the national interest . . . and to order the first steps towards it to be taken--unilaterally and immediately.

You shouted out, "Who killed the Kennedys," did you? Satan lied. It wasn't you & me after all. Nor was it Satan and we. Nor, in all probability, was it Lee Harvey Oswald, either ... as Michael Parenti cogently and hilariously explains. Don't miss "JFK, Parenti, and 'Lone Gunmen' Galore!" You betcha!

In 2 shows in mid-December, we'll listen to the fine and stirring speech described, above: JFK's American University commencement address, June 10, 1963.

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