Monday, August 4, 2014

The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Part 1: New World Notes #335, 29:50 (August 5)

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Part 2: New World Notes #336, 29:30 (August 12)

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A documentary film about "planned obsolescence."  That is, about products designed to fail early so another must be purchased--and the bad effects this has on our lives and environment.

Topics include the international lightbulb cartel, which greatly reduced the life of bulbs, ... nearly indestructable nylon stockings, later made flimsy by DuPont, ... the original iPod, with a non-replaceable battery designed to fail early, ... the Epson InkJet printer's "stop working" chip, ... and other outrages.

Also--in Part 2--The Book Report:  KD reviews Russ Baker's work of investigative journalism, Family of Secrets (Bloomsbury, 2009). On the Bush dynasty and their enablers & co-conspirators. Summary judgment: 4 out of 5 (well worth reading).

e-waste dump in China

The film was directed by Norway's Cosima Dannoritzer. Most of this radio adaptation was produced by Robin Upton and previously broadcast on his radio show, Unwelcome Guests. I have condensed and slightly rearranged Robin's adaptation to fit the half-hour format of New World NotesNew World Notes previously broadcast this installment, in March 2011.

Fun fact: In the Livermore, California, firehouse is a lightbulb that has been burning continuously since 1901--113 years ago. See it live on Webcam.  They don't make 'em like they used to!  By way of contrast, the Livermore FD's first Webcam lasted all of 3 years before breaking.  Thia is not a coincidence. 

Pro bono: a free software fix to overcome the Epson InkJet's "stop working" chip is available, courtesy of a Russian computer whiz.  The Epson problem is explained in Part 2 of the documentary.

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