Monday, July 28, 2014

Potppourri 2 (Gaza and Honduras)

New World Notes #334, 28:11 (July 29)

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Once again we try for a mixture of several different topics and stories--a "potpourri." (This sounds nicer than "hodgepodge.")  We end up with just two: Israel's latest assault on Gaza and the causes of the wave of child immigrants from Central America.

Or maybe these are not even different topics but just two parts of the same old story.

The show features commentary by KD, an article by journalist Ted Rall, a short video by Jewish Voice for Peace, and a song by Bruce Cockburn.

Notes, comments, and links

The video played on the show--Declaration, from the youth wing of Jewish Voice for Peace--is available on YouTube.  Click link to view.

Other resources mentioned on the show:
Music added: Bruce Cockburn, "If I Had a Rocket Launcher," from Slice of Life: Live Solo (2009).

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