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The Media, Jenin, & the Bloodbath in Gaza

New World Notes News
Volume 2, Number 2 -- January 13, 2009

This week in New World Notes, #47 -- January 13 & 16, 2009:

Here's the show in a nutshell:

American news media demonize those who oppose various vicious state policies. At the same time, they whitewash and sanitize gruesome wars the state wages to preserve those policies. Especially wars the State of Israel wages.

Two young Palestinian men. Top: Mahmoud, from Jenin. (Top photo by moomin13,

A photograph of a young Palestinian man inspires such reflections on the media plus reflections on Israeli operations in Jenin (2002) and now Gaza. Three news reports from Al-Jazeera offer a different--but still inadequate--view of the horrors of our war against the people of Palestine.

Life in Gaza: 3 views.

This week's music:

  • David Rovics, Jenin
  • Tom Smith, from Waterboardin'
  • David Rovics, Occupation

Two civilian casualties

Sometimes it's the little things that really liquid waste you off!

The United States Government--which objected little or not at all to the events in Jenin--compels me to censor one of the words singer David Rovics uses in narrating same . . . at least in the radio broadcast. Smearing excrement on walls before killing the inhabitants is acceptable. Using the word "shit" to identify what's smeared on the walls is offensive.

Hamas rocket lands near kibbutz.

Soldier prays.

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Two mosques

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