Sunday, April 16, 2017

Work, Debt, and Crisis

Part 1: New World Notes #476, 29:11 (April 18)
Broadcast quality MP3 (40 MB)
Decent quality MP3 (13 MB)

Part 2: New World Notes #477, 28:18 (April 25)
Broadcast quality MP3 (38 MB)
Decent quality MP3 (13 MB)

A fine audio collage--originally titled Capital Games--by Chazk, a.k.a. Virtual Renderings. An intriguing and sometimes rocking blend of satire, music, and also analysis by several voices (among them economist Richard Wolff's).

It explores the economic problems of our time--fallling wages, consumer debt, overwork, unemployment, decline of manufacturing, corrupt politicians, crooked banks and bankers, soaring corporate profits, and stratospheric executive salaries ... among others.

I have slightly condensed the original audio collage--mostly by shortening some of the musical selections.  The original (of July 26, 2009) is available on You'll find a link to Virtual Renderings' (almost) complete work on the right sidebar to this page, under "Worth a Look."

This pair of programs was previously broadcast, as NWN # 371-371, in April 2015. MP3 files downloaded from the links, above, may be identified by those program numbers.

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