Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why Our War Against ISIS Can't Be Won

Part 1: New World Notes #427, 29:59 (May 10)
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Part 2: New World Notes #428, 28:04 (May 17)
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Phyllis Bennis

Progressive activist Phyllis Bennis explains how US actions in the Middle East gave rise to ISIS and sustain it. Since ISIS's terrorism is a response to the profound damage the US military has done to the region--and to other US crimes and blunders--still more US military action will only make matters worse.

There is no military solution, Bennis argues, but diplomatic solutions are indeed possible. But does the US even want a diplomatic solution instead of unending war?

In Part 2, Bennis also brings in Israel, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia; and I add a few thoughts on 9-11 coverups.and the Northern Ireland peace agreement of 1998.

Phyllis Bennis's new book is Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror: A Primer (2015).

Bennis spoke in Seattle on February 2, 2016. Original recording courtesy of Mike McCormick, of "Mind Over Matters."  Many thanks.

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