Friday, September 5, 2014

Militarized Police

New World Notes #340, 29:00 (September 9)

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Illustration: Eric Drooker, "Ferguson, Missouri,"
copyright (C) Conde' Nast 2014

Events in Ferguson, Missouri, have drawn attention to the militarization of local police. This militarization is a big problem, but it's just a part of an even-bigger problem: the state's control of its "have-nots" through force and violence.

We explore these issues in detail, from the glut of army weapons given to Connecticut's local police ... to the many police shootings of unarmed young Black men ... to the larger issues of social control. Features local news stories, analysis by KD, commentary by Glen Ford, and a song by David Rovics.*

* "Watch Out For the Cops," from Meanwhile in Afghanistan (2012)

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