Sunday, June 24, 2012

Food, Politics, and Whatnot

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New World Notes News
Vol. 5, No. 25 --June 24, 2012

This week in New World Notes, radio program #225, June 26, 2012

Food, Politics, and Whatnot

In brief

Reflections on local agriculture, how Jimmy Carter destroyed the Democratic Party in the Midwest in order to punish the Russians, how Obama stopped TARP bailout funds from helping homeowners, and other odd tales. Includes a short essay by Paul Burkheit ("Five Facts That Put America to Shame"), music by David Rovics, and commentary by Jim Hightower and Glen Ford.

Notes, credits, & links

New World Notes is produced under the auspices (Latin for "Executive Dining Room") of WWUH-FM, a community service of that beacon of light in darkest Connecticut, the University of Hartford.

You can listen to any installment of New World Notes online or else download it (as an mp3 audio file) for later listening. The show is archived at both and (from #90 onwards) The Internet Archive. Either link should get you a reverse-chrono listing of available installments. Or browse the show's Web site: Each installment has a page, and each page has links to the recorded audio. See the gray sidebar on the right ("CONTENTS [Links]") for a table of contents.

Series overview:
Political and social commentary in a variety of genres. Exploring the gap between what we want ... and what they're trying to make us settle for.

The Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

Coming soon (Tuesday air debut date shown)
  • July 3 -- Pink Slime, Meat Glue, Local Blueberries, and the Constitution (More Food, Politics, and Whatnot)
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