Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Salute to General Weirdness

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New World Notes News
Vol. 5, No. 7 -- February 18, 2012

This week in New World Notes, radio program #207, February 21, 2012

A Salute to General Weirdness

In brief

Instead of gloom and doom, we take note of events that are just, well, weird.

How about a plan to reduce carbon emissions in Australia by shooting wild camels? (Their burps and farts contain methane, you see.) How about a required history unit on Estee Lauder in Texas schools?

Plus journalist Conn Hallinan's "Are You Serious?" Awards, newspaper items from Connecticut, and satire (or is it?) by The Onion, Roy Zimmerman, and George Carlin.

Above: Rancher pursues feral camel in Australia (MSNBC).
Below: Troubadour of contemporary American weirdness
 Roy Zimmerman, in 2008 (photo by Kenneth Dowst).

Notes, credits, & links

George Carlin performs a lesser-known sketch, "The Book Club."

Roy Zimmerman sings "America."

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Series overview:
Political and social commentary in a variety of genres. Exploring the gap between what we want ... and what they're trying to make us settle for.

Above: George Carlin, some years back. Below: Is this for real?
Is this a joke? Right-wing politics has gotten so preposterous in recent years, there's no telling.

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  • February 28 -- The Art of the Rant
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