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Stop the Plunder of Public Education

New World Notes News
Vol. 4, No. 41 -- October 8, 2011

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This week in New World Notes, radio program #188, October 11, 2011

Stop the Plunder
of Public Education

Parents protest marketing products to children on school buses.

In brief

Want to destroy quality public education? First underfund it. Then open schools up to milking by corporate marketing departments. Then--by force of law--privatize public schools--in the process busting teachers' unions and replacing experienced, well-trained teachers with inexperienced, poorly trained, and ill-paid ones.

The result? Increased corporate profits and citizens/workers incapable of critically questioning (let alone fighting back against!) The System. It's a win-win situation!--at least for the corporate greedheads.

From the documentary Corporations in the Classroom we'll hear about two notorious schemes to market products to captive audiences of U.S. schoolchildren: Bus Radio and Channel One TV.

Journalist/commentator Chris Hedges discusses the Oligarchy's project of privatizing schools, destroying Liberal Arts education, and training young people only to serve as cogs in various parts of the economic engine. This project is a century old--but it has made great gains under Bush II and Obama.

Fr. Guido Sarducci offers some comic relief. He presents his plan to offer a quality college education in only five minutes, at a cost of $20.

Channel One brags to potential advertisers about
its captive audience of young people in school.

Notes, credits, & links

Thanks to Uprising Radio for the Hedges talk, to Unwelcome Guests for the audio of Corporations in the Classroom, and to Tereza Coraggio for the Sarducci routine.

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