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Gulf Oil

New World Notes News
Vol. 3, No. 40 -- October 2, 2010

This week in New World Notes, radio program #135, October 5:

Gulf Oil

In brief

The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is not over--it's only beginning. Our first look at the subject features fine reporting from two independent journalists.

Anne McClintock (read aloud) shows the incestuous, conflict-of-interest relationships of the U.S. government, BP, and a consulting firm, CTEH, hired to monitor the health effects of the disaster. It's a win-win-win situation ... except for the poisoned people of the Gulf states.

Then Dahr Jamail, talking with host Dori Smith, exposes the government's lies about the safety of Gulf seafood. He also details the Coast Guard's program of camouflaging the scope of the disaster by (temporarily) sinking the floating oil with millions of gallons of highly toxic "dispersants" sprayed in the dead of night.

Hiding the oil lets BP and the government claim that less was spilled, thus reducing BP's financial liability.

Top: Professor Anne McClintock. Bottom: Dahr Jamail, speaking in
Hartford, September 20, 2009 (photo by Kenneth Dowst).

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Notes, credits, & links

This week's song: MOTU, Death Comes to Louisiana

Anne McClintock's article from CounterPunch, August 23, 2010. Dahr Jamail from the August 19 installment of Dori Smith's radio program Talk Nation Radio .

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