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Susan Rosenthal. M.D.: Curing Our Sick Health-Care System

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New World Notes News
Vol. 3, No. 28 -- July 11, 2010

This week in New World Notes, radio program #123, July 13:

Susan Rosenthal, M.D.:
Curing Our Sick
Health-Care System

In brief

Dr. Susan Rosenthal is a health-care-reform activist and a practicing physician, based in Ontario. Yep! even Canada is in need of radical health-care reform--to say nothing of us poor slobs south of the border, who can't even get "single-payer."

In a long phone conversation with me on July 2, Susan discussed North America's bad public health, bad heath-care systems, the cause of both, and what we can do to improve things.

Her new book on these subjects is Sick and Sicker: Essays on Class, Health and Health Care.

So that the suspense doesn't get unbearable (and further damage our health), I'll reveal that, in Susan's analysis, the cause of our bad health and bad health care is capitalism. Before you dismiss the idea as socialist propaganda, please listen to Susan's brilliant and cogent argument about why this is the case and how it works.

In this first of two installments we discuss the root cause of much disease--social inequality--the practice of psychiatry, why depression and other disorders are so common (and so poorly treated), and why, each year, for-profit medicine kills 23 times as many Americans as criminal use of firearms.

Top: Dr. Susan Rosenthal. Bottom: This illustration and the next by
David Dees. Dees is so right-wing, he's practically left-wing, if that
makes any sense to you. Most photos: Click to enlarge.

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Susan's Sick and Sicker: Essays on Class, Health and Health Care is available in paperback (from her) or as a "Kindle" electronic book from Amazon. For more information, please see .

The second installment based on our interview will probably appear in August.

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  • July 20 -- Character Flaws. Don't believe the propaganda that attributes destructive national policies to supposed weakneses or other character flaws of the Chief Executive. Bush didn't invade Iraq because he's a dry drunk who's competing with Dad. Obama isn't letting Big Finance and Big Oil get away with murder because he's "too deferential, too trusting of the advice of experts," as Frank Rich would have you believe. Bad policies are enacted because they profit the powerful. Michael Parenti and I elaborate.

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