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Is It Time To Impeach Obama?

New World Notes News
Vol. 3, No. 24 -- June 12, 2010

This Week in New World Notes, radio program #119, June 15:

Is It Time To
Impeach Obama?

In brief

Racist, right-wing crackpots are loudly denouncing Obama. That shouldn't stop Progressives from doing the same--though on different grounds. On every major issue, the difference between the Bush Administration's policies and the Obama Administration's policies is negligible.

In this installment, I critique Andrew Sullivan's brief but preposterous op-ed praising the Administration's Progressive accomplishments. Tissues of lies and distortions don't come much better than this one!

Then journalist David Lindorff describes (to interviewer Michael Slate) the several criminal and/or impeachable offenses the Obama Administration is committing at home. And he explains why Obama's war in Afghanistan consists of war crimes piled atop still more war crimes, according to both international and U.S. Law.

Finally, I read Margaret Kimberley's scathing critique of a new "Presidential power" Obama is asserting: the power to order the assassination of any U.S. citizen he chooses to label a terrorist. No evidence needed, no trial....

We didn't have time to get to Obama's moves to dismantle Social Security (a bipartisan advisory panel on "entitlements" has been established) and to privatize public education (the focus and apparent intent of the "Race to the Top" scheme).

Notes, credits, & links

This week's song: Bruce Cockburn, Call It Democracy

Thanks to The Michael Slate Show for the good interview with Lindorff (April 14, 2010), from which I rebroadcast excerpts.

Margaret Kimberley's "Obama's Murder Inc" is from Black Agenda Report, February 9, 2010.

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Top: Native-born U.S. citizen Anwar al Awlaki. Obama has ordered
his assassination--the 5th and 14th Amendments be damned!--and at
least one (unsuccessful) attempt was made.

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