Friday, August 14, 2009

More 9-11 Info.: A Short Bibliography

9-11 Info. -- Some recommended sources

All these are good, sound, sane, and cautious in their conclusions--hence all the more devastating to the Official Version of events.

9-11 Research
Comprehensive, concise, readable, and level-headed presentation of known facts pertaining to the 9-11 attacks. As they state, "9-11 Research stresses verifiable information and rational analysis."
Focuses on the little-known third WTC building suddenly to collapse, at near-freefall speed, onto its own footprint (in the late afternoon of September 11). This one wasn't even hit by an airplane. A BBC-TV reporter (live) and a CNN anchor (live) each announced the collapse of Building 7 many minutes before it occurred. In both cases the viewer can see the very building--standing tall and in no obvious distress--through the picture window in the background, Did I mention that The 9-11 Commission Report doesn't even mention Building 7?

Oh, yes, I've become a Building 7 buff! Of all the property that got smashed that day, WTC7 offers--per square foot--more fun, more improbable official explanations, more lies, more Sergeant Schultz ("I see Not'ink!") imitations by the media--than any other site. It's more fun than a barrel of Thermite! is brought to you by the same people who do 9-11 Research. Don't miss the video clips!

Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice
Substantial articles by researchers in several academic fields--not only physics & engineering but also political science, philosophy, history, religion, & other Liberal Arts disciplines. If you think that "good academic writing" is not necessarily an oxymoron, you're likely to find much of interest here.

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth
Firefighters for 9-11 Truth

What do these middle-class professionals and gritty "hard-hats" have in common? Among other things, the considered opinion that (1) plane crashes and/or office fires do not make steel-frame highrise buldings collapse looking just like well-managed controlled demolitions. And that (2) well-managed controlled demolitions make steel-frame highrise buldings collapse in exactly the way the 3 WTC buildings did--including the "squibbs," chains of preliminary explosions, debris sent flying laterally with great force, huge clouds of thousands of tons of finely pulverized concrete initially forming a cauliflower shape, molten iron (not steel) heating the basement for weeks afterwards, and near-freefall speed of collapse. Prior announcement of the collapse on BBC and CNN optional. . . There are many more items, but these should get us started.

Connecticut 9-11 Truth
In the early stages of construction, but shows promise. Currently has some good links to audio recordings & to other organizations.

Dan Rather describes the fall of WTC7.
Note how the penthouse collapses first. (If video
will not start, nudge the slider at the bottom--
next to the Play button--a little to the right.)

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